Podney R. Sixe

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Podney R. Sixe

Postby Andy » Apr 30th, '09, 16:17

Here's a question -
When we were doing Aquarius in the 70's, a strange character called Podney R. Sixe wrote to us a couple of times, asking if we had any female staff and if we could send him er.. certain items of their clothing. Ahem.
Then when we did Andromeda Radio in the 80's he wrote to us as well, but this time he seemed to be in better control of his urges. Did he write to any of the Mersey stations, and does anyone know who he was or is?
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Re: Podney R. Sixe

Postby thepostieles » Apr 30th, '09, 18:14

yeah i remember podney, he did me a cassette of various sw stns and talked inbetween them, sniffing alot lol. thank god he didnt asjk for any of the wifes clothin :D
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Re: Podney R. Sixe

Postby Fledge » May 20th, '09, 12:20

Makes me wonder what he was sniffin'. :shock:
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