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New radio?

PostPosted: Jul 21st, '10, 11:18
by Andy
Hoping for a bit of advice.
My Sony 7600GR has bitten the dust (my fault, don't ask!) and I'm looking for a replacement. It must have good, sensetive MW, better than the Sony which was only just OK. It could hear distant stations, but it was noisy and off-putting.
I have an ancient 1963 tranny that pulls in distant stations like they are in the next town, really it's incredible, but the analogue dial makes hitting a specific frequency a bit of a guess, and of course it lacks FM.
I'm looking at the Grundig/Eton G3, the Roberts 861/Sangean 909, but the reviews I've read vary an awful lot from 'deaf, it can't hear station xyz' to 'OK' to 'wow, it's as good as my old Sony 2010!'
So I'm getting nowhere.
No dealers round here anymore, so I can't try one. Can anyone help? :roll:

Re: New radio?

PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '10, 17:56
by Andy
Sheesh, I didn't think there'd be so much interest!
Sorted now. Got a secondhand Sangean909 (it's actually the Radio Shack version) and I'm well pleased. Very sensitive and selective on MW - it can hear Manx Radio on 1368 right next to a strong signal from our local Asian sound on 1377. The old Sony couldn't.
SW is a bit deafer than the Sony, but the FM is good and there's RDS as well.
He's a happy chappy again.
Here's a tip: don't leave your radio out overnight in the rain, it won't like it.

Re: New radio?

PostPosted: Sep 22nd, '10, 17:24
by Fledge
Andy wrote:Sheesh, I didn't think there'd be so much interest!

Yes, I get the distinct impression I talk to myself as well. :lol: Never mind, you got it sorted. Sounds good. 8-)