Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Forum Rules - Please read before posting.

Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Postby Terry Hawkins » Aug 21st, '08, 00:22

Disclaimers; Mersey Pirates web site and Forums are a hobby web site only and operated on a not for profit basis.
Mersey Pirates does not intend to promote or condone pirate radio in the UK. It has been created purely as a time capsule for educational purposes only and is not considered an entertainment web site. History should be preserved!
Mersey Pirates does not support the illegal use of transmitters within the UK, but does carry free, not for profit advertising of such equipment for use in other EU countries where the law currently allows or is more lenient. Any purchase of such equipment is entirely at the risk of the buyer and all local laws should be observed.


We hope that you all enjoy the forum, but would ask that you observe a few basic rules and courtesies :)

General Etiquette
* These forums are English language only, so please post only in English.
* Please do not Flame other posters, if you disagree, then please do so in a measured and civilised manner.
* Please do not cross post, post your question in the most appropriate forum and wait for a reply, not all of our members access the forum every day, so there may be a delay on some occasions.
* Please do not post in CAPS/UPPER CASE, it is considered to be shouting and is difficult to read and please don't use TEXT SPEAK as this is despised by the vast majority of forum users.
* The very nature of this pirate radio hobby requires operators and DJ's to use aliases on air. Please don't ever knowingly divulge anyones real name in open forum or you risk being banned.
* Some questions may have been answered before, there is a fast search facility at the top of the page which may bring up some relevent posts.
* It is also advised and requested (for your own security), that you do not post Email addresses in open forum, if you wish to give your Email address to another member please send it via a PM.

Links and Advertising
* Please do not use this forum for advertising, whether by link to commercial organisation, your own current/intended business venture or Forum. Any adverts will be removed and repetition of same will bring about a ban, this includes links in signatures.
* Any member who believes they can benefit this forum through a business venture should PM a member of Admin in the first instance.

Forbidden Discussion
* Please do not discuss or post links to Warez programs, illegal peer to peer sites/torrents or pornographic material.
* No foul language, racist or xenophobic comments. Any member doing this risks being banned.

Personal Mail System (PM)
* Please post questions and answers in the forum, so that they may also benefit other users. The personal mail system (PM) is a supplement to the forum, not a replacement, mods and admin will simply delete PMs addressed to them which ignore this rule and ask questions which should have been asked on the forum.
* New members will not immediately have access to Personal mail, due to previous abuse of the system.

* Avatars are not currently allowed.

* Attachments policy will be updated soon.

If you want to buy or sell equipment
* Firstly we ask that this isn't done on the main forum, private sales/purchases between members are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller. This web site (, cannot be held responsible for any problems which may occur in any transaction.
* We have a classified section set up for the purpose of buying and selling and for your security, we ask that all negotiations are carried out in the section and not by Email or PM, as everything is then time and date stamped should a dispute arise.

Spam by PM - Personal Mail
* Should you receive unsolicited Emails or PMs offering to sell you goods or services, please inform the Admin team, as we do not tolerate this.
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