Where are they now?

Anyone remember Radio Jackie North, MAR - Merseyland Alternative Radio, Radio Merseywaves, Radio Alpine, Radio Elenore, SCR - Storeton Community Radio, J1000, KGW, Radio Atlantis, LBC - Liverpool Broadcasting Company, Central Radio International, Station M International, Radio Wombat and many many more? If so, please discuss here!

Re: Where are they now?

Postby BrianJohnson » Dec 1st, '17, 12:13

Remembered another DJ, Wayne Scott the sunday country & western DJ who also made the odd record, only remembered by seeing one of his singles that Mom had me get for her when she was alive.

more fun stuff was the night John Chekini (spelt wrong most prob)who at the time was UK Number 1 DJ after winning the DMC thing. and i where on the balcony, John asked where the TX aerial wire was, before i had a chance to say he lent over and found if with his forehead, leaving a really sweet burn mark, there was john jumping around screaming while i was on the floor in fits of laughter. just so nice how hot a thin copper wire gets when attached to a 1K transmitter :lol:
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