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PostPosted: Sep 6th, '12, 12:03
by birkenheadphil
I've just been browsing through the vintage merseyside free radio clips and am quite surpried how few Radio Merseywaves extracts there are - as this station was a regular on the air between 1984 and 1989 with regular weekend programming and an excellent signal on 1242khz, does no one have recordings of Mark Palmer/Dave Collins/Chris Lyons/Kev Jordan/KTC/Paul Woods etc??

Also it'd be nice to have extracts from Radio Julie (1985-1988), North Coast Radio (1987-1993) and the small VHF outfits which appeared in the Mid 1990s - eg Cruise FM/Club 100/Vision Fm/Free FM/Radio Tarkwa/Radio Nova.

Anyway, its still an excellent site with lost of great memories :