MAR Jukebox 105 FM 15.02.09

Do you remember Weed FM, Radio Xanadu and Tower FM? Do you still listen to MAR - Merseyland Alternative Radio, the Radio Jackie North tribute station, Central Radio or Power FM? If so, please discuss here!

MAR Jukebox 105 FM 15.02.09

Postby Terry Hawkins » Feb 15th, '09, 17:13

Posting this message on behalf of the MAR krew, who just sent me this news:

Merseyland Alternative Radio's FM operation the MAR Jukebox is currently on the air testing on 105 FM. MAR Jukebox broadcasts to Merseyside and the surrounding areas. DJ's likely to be heard at some point today are Bert Williams, Andy Davis, Jackie Frost, Steve Martin, Lee Morrison and Rodger Dee.

So if you like your golden oldies then it should be worthwhile tuning in! :D

Website is; Here you can find the MAR Jukebox streaming live.

Happy listening.
MAR krew
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