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MAR 21-12-08

PostPosted: Dec 20th, '08, 23:27
by Steve Martin
Merseyland Alternative Radio currently on 1386 khz for the rest of the

Full programme line-up to follow later.

But DJ's This Weekend are

Steve West
Andy Davis
Rodger Dee
Lee Morrison
Steve Martin
Jackie Frost

Re: MAR 21-12-08

PostPosted: Dec 21st, '08, 11:04
by Steve Martin
10AM: Rodger Dee
11AM: Andy Davis
12 NOON: Rodger Dee
1PM: Steve West
2PM: Steve Martin
3PM: Rodger Dee
4PM: Steve Martin
5PM: Andy Davis
6PM: Rodger Dee
7PM: Steve West
8PM: Lee Morrison
9PM: Steve Martin
10PM: Steve West

No closedown as usual at 2am on 105FM. It will remain on air until Jan