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Central Radio - on air transmission Mon 27th Aug 2018

PostPosted: Aug 27th, '18, 00:59
by Brian Grant
Central Radio is now under new management since the passing of our great leader and friend Jim Brown who started the radio station back in the early 1980's...

Brian Grant here sending the info through from Tom Webb.


Hello All,

Central Radio returns from 12 noon on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August.

You can find us on 100.8 FM.
We are also online here via the concept radio network:

Also via The Central radio website at:

We should also be on Shortwave frequency to be confirmed on the day

Format is

11 -12pm Continuous Music
12 -2pm Jim Lowe - Great tunes old and new
2 - 4pm Tom Webb - Chart tunes and 90's dance
4 - 6pm Dr TK.Scouse House Show
6 - 7pm Gigantic 750 Show Mr Ming and Kaos
7 - 8pm Dave Rogers - Classic Sixties
8 -10pm Jim LOwe - Pirate Street etc
10-12pm Tom Webb - Mellow Tunes Chat,paranormal
12 - 1am Webb and Lowe Show- Late Night Chat

Tom Webb
Central Radio Team

Re: Central Radio - on air transmission Mon 27th Aug 2018

PostPosted: May 29th, '19, 09:39
by Rodger
Hi Guys!
I liked what I heard :)
it is a great shame about Jim!
I met him first in 79 and met up every now and again.
sadly I saw less of him the last ten years, for a few reasons.
but, he was the most genuine soul, and genuinely, ready to share, and to help.
there is not a week goes by I don't think of him. and Tom Lodge drinking and nattering in "The Sessions" back in the day!
good luck to all of you, and, keep the jolly roger flying!!
you know that is what Jim would want!!
Love and peace!!