Central Radio broadcast New Years Day - Wednesday 1st of Jan

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Central Radio broadcast New Years Day - Wednesday 1st of Jan

Postby Brian Grant » Dec 31st, '13, 02:24

Central Radio broadcast New Years Day - Wednesday 1st of January

Shivering me timbers....

Central Radio are back broadcasting on air Wednesday 1st of January New Years Day.
Broadcasting on a frequency of 100.8fm and streaming LIVE at http://www.centralradio.info

Direct link to the web stream page is http://centralradio.net16.net/stream/audio_stream.htm

We have moved location again so our Shoutcast page when on air will this time will be...

If you click on the Shoutcast link and see nothing we are not currently on air.

Our web stream is 128kb so make sure you have the bandwidth to listen.
If you are connecting using your phone or mobile device ensure you are using Wi_Fi.
If not, your phone service provider will charge you for the data downloaded to your mobile device through their network.
I still cannot get our web stream to work on mobile android devices so apologies if you are using an android mobile device.
Non of the plug in media players available on Google Play seem to support LIVE radio web streaming so far from what I've tested so far.
Winamp sort of works but is being discontinued soon and does not support direct hot clicking from our media player range on our "Listen Live" page.

If you are using an Iphone mobile device you may have better luck but I can't test it due to not owning one.


Here is our schedule for Wednesday 1st of January

10am -12pm - Jim Brown - ( Golden oldies )

12pm - 2pm - Billy the Taxi Driver - ( Rock show )

2pm - 3pm - Dave Rogers - ( Pop music and oldies )

3pm - 5pm – Jim Brown + Golden Rosie - ( Pop music and oldies )

5pm - 6pm – Dickie Dangler - ( 80's and comedy - repeat )

6pm - 8pm – Jim Lowe - ( Various music and archive pirate news - repeat )

8pm – 10pm – Tom Webb - ( Various music with Central Radio's woffle Master )

10pm - 12am - Doctor TK - ( The Scouse House Shout Out Show )

12am - 1:30am - Jim Brown - (live chat about anything and various music)

1:30pm - Close Down

Happy New Year 2014 folks

Brian Grant
Brian Grant
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