Bank holiday

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Bank holiday

Postby Kevy » May 5th, '18, 23:54

Who's on this bank holiday and what frequencies ?
There Was r&b playing on 87.7 earlier today.
Is 87.5 clear I've heard 2 stations are joining up for a special live bank holiday broadcast 87.5 and 92.2.
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Re: Bank holiday

Postby Matt » Jun 9th, '19, 20:11

Over one of the recent bank Holidays I heard some trance coming in and out on 87.5. I wondered if it might be Sound FM making a return, although it's been a couple of years since they last put in an appearance. It could have always been a transmitter in someone's car though... Early '00s trance on 87.5 though?!

Didn't hear anything on 87.7 recently and that can be the default frequency for cheap small fm transmitters for use in a car. I often hear stuff on that frequency if I'm in the car and unplug my transmitter. Hip hop mainly near me but it's a bit too sweary to believe that it's anything other than someone's personal listening.

92.2 would be an insane frequency for a Merseyside station as HCR is on 92.3.

Since Sound FM disappeared suddenly in Early 2017 starting "issues" there has been little in the way of surprises on the band in Merseyside.
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