Pirate Radio meet up - Tues - 2nd Dec 2008

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Pirate Radio meet up - Tues - 2nd Dec 2008

Postby Brian Grant » Nov 16th, '08, 21:30

Hi Folks

Central Radio are organising another Pirate Radio meet up for Tuesday the 2nd Dec 2008. All Mersey Pirate operators past and present welcome.

The location will be a pub where food is served. For security reasons I cant post the venue here. If you are interested in attending please ring Jim Brown on 07721 428 909.

Best wishes

Brian Grant
Brian Grant
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Re: Pirate Radio meet up - Tues - 2nd Dec 2008

Postby Steve West » Nov 17th, '08, 09:30

I Will be there Brian, if anyone from the wirral needs a lift over I have a people carrier with a few spare seats.
Steve West
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Re: Pirate Radio meet up - Tues - 2nd Dec 2008

Postby Gary Phillips » Nov 19th, '08, 15:57

I might like to go if my foot is a bit better by then, sore foot - long story....... :lol:

Gary Phillips
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Re: Pirate Radio meet up - Tues - 2nd Dec 2008

Postby The Doc (DRTK) » Nov 25th, '08, 09:57

Hi Bri,

Long time brother will catch up with u at the pub mate, looks like an xmas mashup then, u av never seen the doc mash maybe i will let me hair down yer mannnnnnnn.

Only if i bring it with me, hey Bri shall i bring my 90's special wig it's a classic hand crafted persian rug of my real 1, i got it at flares a long time ago or maybe just some photos of it for ole times sakes hey be better. I will look like an extra out a harry enfield scoucers scene.

Take Care and hopefully i will see u then bro ha ha ha

The Doc
The Doc (DRTK)
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