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Postby Kevy » Apr 30th, '18, 18:39

What stations are still active on fm
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Re: Active

Postby Gary Phillips » May 10th, '18, 02:17

I only know of MAR and Central Radio currently. I'm sure there are more though.
Gary Phillips
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Re: Active

Postby Rodger » May 29th, '19, 09:32

Despite the fact there are still several stations operating, (some more sporadically than others)
the number of people who actually contact them is remarkably small.
there is still locally
those left of Central radio after the death of Jim Brown (he is hugely missed and one of the most genuine people it has been my pleasure to know).
those left of the scene. after the sad passing of Dave Collins.
those left of Radio Julie / slagoff international.
Bert Williams.
I have to wonder where free radio will be after the passing of this generation.
there seem to be few or indeed no new members, as Facebook et al exert their almost magical attraction.
anyone know anything I don't?
Love and Peace
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