Caroline North Press Release

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Caroline North Press Release

Postby Gary Phillips » Feb 13th, '14, 23:50



February 2014

'The Lady is Fifty'

If Radio is King of the Media then the Queen of the Airwaves is surely Radio Caroline who celebrate their 50th Birthday this year.

Caroline has never closed down but has had to go off the air on a number of occasions. One of those was on 3rd March 1968 when the original Caroline ship, the MV Frederica broadcasting as Radio Caroline North, was seized by creditors and towed from her moorings near the Isle of Man leaving millions of listeners in the northern part of the UK and Eire with the loss of what they had come to regard as a friendly voice and part of their daily life.

With its personality DJ's the station had perfectly captured the spirit of the Swinging Sixties and added to the phenomenon of the Merseybeat Sound which ignited a revolution in music for teenagers of the time and resulted in the vibrant and successful popular music industry which continues to this day.

Now a group of radio presenters and enthusiasts want to give Caroline North listeners the chance relive those memories.

Based on the last Liverpool Lightship, the LV23 berthed in the Albert Dock in Liverpool a recreation of the station will take place for 28 days commencing 31st March..

Organiser John Dwyer said 'We felt it was important to acknowledge the Golden Jubilee but at the same time celebrate our station, Caroline North, whose part in the Swinging Sixties is often overlooked.'

'While we will not be on air for the anniversary of the start of Caroline on 28th March this was actually Easter Saturday in 1964 and since Caroline is the Queen of the airwaves there is no reason why she should not have two birthdays and why we should not celebrate her Official Birthday over the coming Easter weekend.' 'The station will be a fully licenced broadcast.

Alan Roberts, owner of the LV 23 and skipper of the boat for the broadcast said 'I bought the Lightship to secure an important part of Liverpools Maritime heritage and was delighted to be asked to host the event. The Lightship was built in 1960 and the last manned vessel to serve Liverpool. For it to take part to celebrate the 50 years of Britains most famous Radio Station is a fitting use for the ship.”

The ship will be open to the public 10am to 6pm each day during the broadcast.Incidentally the original Company set up to run Radio Caroline was Planet Productions, and the name of the Lightship is the Planet!

Caroline North will be on air from 31st March 2014 to 27th April 2014 on 87.7 FM; and available on the internet at

Contact details

John 07956 000707

Phil 01942 716237 delmare192@
Gary Phillips
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Re: Caroline North Press Release

Postby Gary Phillips » Feb 16th, '14, 01:59

Error to the news release corrected below. Thank you to Phil Coleman for the update.


"I am sorry there was an error in the news release last week

Johns Email address is and not

My Email Address is correctly stated as

My apologies for any inconvenience caused by my error.

Phil Coleman"
Gary Phillips
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Re: Caroline North Press Release

Postby Gary Phillips » Mar 1st, '14, 14:13

Their web site is;

Though it's just a holding page currently.

An alternate URL that forwards you to the same web site is;
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Re: Caroline North Press Release

Postby Gary Phillips » Apr 5th, '14, 13:01

Well after a few technical issues in the first two or three days all seems okay now, with excellent programmes from all the dj's. Well done to all the guys at Caroline North! :D
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Re: Caroline North Press Release

Postby Fledge » Apr 9th, '14, 20:41

They've had a few teething troubles but streaming/FM reception seems much improved since the weekend. Good to hear a few names from yesteryear back on the air.
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