Sad news to report Abie Nathan has died aged 81

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Sad news to report Abie Nathan has died aged 81

Postby Gary Phillips » Aug 28th, '08, 22:24

Sad news to report Abie Nathan has died aged 81. ... Nathan.php

Reading this article its easy to see what a great man he truly was and I'm sure he will be sadly missed by all those fortunate enough to have known him :cry:

Gary Phillips
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Re: Sad news to report Abie Nathan has died aged 81

Postby Gary Phillips » Aug 29th, '08, 21:18

Next follows a message from a private email group by the famous pirate radio DJ, John Dwyer (ex Voice of Peace, Radio Caroline & MAR etc) expressing his sadness at the passing away of Abie Nathan. Posted here with his kind permission;

"At 81 and with a couple of strokes behind him and failing health this news is sad but expected I suppose.
When you read of how much this man achieved in his life it makes me feel humble to have been in his
company when I worked for him on `The Peace Ship` during 1984/85. His enthusiasm for the projects that he
was working on was a constant 24/7 one . He most certainly did what he could as one person could to make life
more bearable for those who suffered due to conflicts in the Middle east. He had a full life and will be remembered for not what he said but what he did. Another `Offshore` radio legend leaves us. Shalom Abie."

When I contacted John to see if it was okay to publish this email, he replied further with the following;

"Hi Gary. Yes summer is a busy time for me but I do have time for things that are important. Abie was a great humanitarian who did things for people in and outside the middle east. The `jocks` who worked on the Voice of Peace went there for broadcasting experience and to be part of the Abie Nathan`family` who from that small radio ship tried to bring some love, peace and goodwill. That may sound a bit unreal but you had to be there to feel a part of it. Abie used the Peace Ship to take his message of peace to a wider audience and it was a BIG listenership. The VOP at one time was the most listened to station in Israel, well beating the State radio service.

In radio theres Ronan, Chris Cary, Abie and who else?? Nobody else springs to mind in the `Offshore` world.

You had to be a part of that era to know what that station meant to the listeners. All I know is that my time on the VOP was well memorable and gave me whilst on shore leave a good insight to Israel and its very proud people.
The Peace Ship was only one part of Abie`s life but it gave some 50 jocks from all over the world the chance to gain experience and broadcast to a sizable audience albeit in a foriegn country.

By all means re-print my words about him as those who were part of the team will only echo my sentiments. JD."

Thank you very much to John for his heartfelt thoughts and his kind permission to publish them here.
Gary Phillips
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