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PostPosted: Apr 23rd, '09, 14:14
by thepostieles
i hear on my sw page, that a mw stn is testing this friday evening at 2200hrs to 0030hrs 24th april on 1655khz using 50 watts, and is a well known stn, and is going to increase to 500watts in coming mths, wonder what it is? maybe one of u out there might hear it :D

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PostPosted: Apr 24th, '09, 19:58
by Andy
On 1655 KHz? That's higher than most MW radios will tune. Still, those Dutch chappies have been at it for years, and it is only a test. I'll be listening if I haven't hit the whisky too hard :shock:

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PostPosted: Apr 25th, '09, 10:13
by geoff m. stereo
I had a listen, on and off from about 8.30pm UK local time to about 10.30. I've not listened to these guys for years but judging by the frequency and the style of music I'd say it was definitely one of the Dutch or Belgian pirates. If there was any ID announcement however, I missed it.

Most of the time the station was pretty well copiable, signal reaching S8 at times, with decent modulation. I have about S5 worth of local noise here though - I'm using a Yaesu FRG100 with a long wire aerial!

The station on 1655 was already on when I started listening at 8.30, then some time around 9pm, another station appeared on 1664kHz very similar in style and signal to the one on 1655 - this guy was giving out a phone number too. Both were still transmitting when I packed in around half ten.

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PostPosted: Apr 25th, '09, 13:16
by Andy
I took a listen too, at about 11 pm. 1647,1655 and 1665 KHz were all occupied by Dutch stations, all of them around s8 to s9.