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Steve England

PostPosted: Aug 6th, '08, 16:30
by thepostieles
used to listen to ex atlantis dj steve england on piccadilly radio in the 70s from 9am to 1pm on saturdays .they had loads of ex pirates on in them days dave owen stevie merrick roger day, i think debbie england used to read the news! it was a great stn in 70s ten times better than city was.also phil wood was on, and tony emmerson and the late dave eastwood.good days

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PostPosted: Aug 6th, '08, 22:55
by Terry Hawkins
Must admit I loved Picadilly 261 in the late 70's and early 80's. Loads of great jingles too, I guess that would be the Steve England influence! The jingles were just fab, I also remember the first shows of a very young Steve Penk and Gary Davies was on the station in those days too. Phil Wood was fantastic and of course the great Roger Day. Truly brilliant and I agree with you it was better musically than Radio City. Remember James Stannage also?!?
Having said that however, I must admit I do have fond memories of Radio City too though from those distant years especially their great sports and news coverage.

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PostPosted: Aug 11th, '08, 20:46
by thepostieles
yeah radio city was ok, dave eastwood joined city after piccadilly.johnny jason was on city then he went to smoothie was on also dave lincoln! used to listen to rob jones also.wonder what happened to him? :|

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PostPosted: Aug 12th, '08, 21:22
by Gary Phillips
Rob Jones....I dont remember him on Radio City, but I used to think he was superb on the Great 208, Radio Luxembourg! Luxy was great in the late 70's and early 80's and their DJ's, jingles and commercials were just fab too!

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PostPosted: Aug 12th, '08, 23:43
by Steve Martin
Yeah I loved 208 in the late 70's early 80's. Rob Jones, Benny Brown and Bob Stewart who despite his fake American accent was actually a scouser! Now what was that advert, was it Harmony or Sunsilk hairspray!

Great tribute site at

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PostPosted: Sep 13th, '08, 07:36
by Steve West
I remember when I was on Radio Jackie North with the late great Rick Dane, Phil Easton from City would often come to the rock nights we did at Eric's club (Renamed as RJN's Cave) in Matthew Street and chat with us in the DJ room. He was a decent bloke and always bought us a pint...but strangely the tunes that got the rockers moving on the dance floor would always appear on his Great Easton Express rock show a week later...industrial espionage I tells yer!

When I think back, we truly had some stamina then. DJing from 8pm friday until 2am in the nightclub, then back to the towerblock for a few hours kip and awake to put an aerial up and broadcast all day saturday, then back to the club again and repeat for sunday's broadcast. It was great fun and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, but buggered if I could do that these days, lol.

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PostPosted: Aug 6th, '10, 12:18
by Andy
Great thread, can't believe I've missed it!
I first met Steve England back in the mid 70's in the Boardroom pub in Manchester. Me and my mate Bob (from the old Aquarius days) were there. Steve was with his wife Debbie and in her hand bag she had the crystal from Atlantis' transmitter!
A really nice couple. Steve himself is a right character. I've met him a few times since. The last time was a few years ago down at his studio in Bollington. He loves to reminisce and hasn't got much time for modern broadcasters who always 'young it up and dumb it down'.