The Great Audio Trawl begins!

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The Great Audio Trawl begins!

Postby Andy » Mar 27th, '09, 23:57

Jolly quiet on here lately!
I've just blagged an old Ferrograph 6 in decent order, and I've spent the last few days laboriously transferring my old tapes to the PC for cleaning up and editing. My eyes have turned to mush! So far I've found the original Phoenix jingle tape (12 jings in non tidied condition), a Tape Trix reel (in its box!) of Radio Jackie North jingles and lots more Aquarius shows. There's also some of my Radio Lancashire stuff (very embarrassing) and other stuff. Many of the tapes are very difficult to work with, they're sticking and binding as they begin to decompose - well, they were probably ten years old when recorded, and the thirty years of storage hasn't helped.
Anyhow, it's all going to wav format to eventually go on audio CD, but I'll also convert some of it to MP3 so it can go on Mersey Pirates.

PS I could do with someone like Dave Simpson to take a listen to these RJN jingles before I send them in. I'm not sure they were ever used.
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Re: The Great Audio Trawl begins!

Postby Gary Phillips » Mar 29th, '09, 03:16

Hi Andy.

Great that you've obtained a reel to reel by blagging :lol:

You sound like you've been working really hard there Andy converting all your audio to digital. I'm sure you'll think it's all been worthwhile once it's all been completed, as once this analog audio has deteriorated beyond a certain point then it's gone forever. It looks like you've been able to rescue a lot of it before the inevitable happened, so well done!

It all sounds like great stuff Andy and of course anything you want to convert to mp3 for Merseypirates would be gratefully received. Now me being a Merseyside person, I'm obviously most intrigued by the Radio Jackie North jingles. The only Jackie North jingles I know of are on the Merseypirates vintage audio page, so if you have anything different then that is a genuine mystery, I just can't fathom it out. I'll tell Dave Simpson about this forum posting and these mystery jingles as you suggest, but if you could kindly send me one or two samples I will pass them onto him direct for his opinion. Thanks.

The Radio Phoenix and Radio Lancashire stuff also sounds cool too if not embarrassing as you say :lol:
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